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alt text What Is EdGems?

EdGems is a digital content linking service. Districts subscribe to EdGems on behalf of their teachers and students.
We provide a simple and fast way to open and use links to selected digital resources aligned to a district’s chosen standards.

alt text How are the standards-aligned resources accessed?

On the Index Homepage, select a subject-specific gem icon. Click a standard or topic. When the six-window page appears, hover over any window to learn about a particular link, then click that window. Follow any on-screen instructions on the particular website you’ve selected.

EdGems links to a variety of digital learning content, including interactive tasks; games; assessments; animation; video tutorials and worksheets. Each link complements a district’s chosen grade-specific curriculum.

alt text What are some ways I can use EdGems?

Teachers can use EdGems to introduce a topic, assign tasks and activities for in-class and at-home assignments, review key concepts, use print-based quizzes and assessments, and practice responding to PARCC’s computer-based questions.
Students can use EdGems to be introduced to a new topic; to complete an in-class or homework assignment; to brush-up on quiz and test items; to play games; or create models, charts, tables, or patterns. EdGems is designed to be used in and out of the classroom. Home use is encouraged.

alt text How do I open a worksheet and a corresponding Answer Key?

Worksheets must first be downloaded before they are opened. To access a worksheet, click the “Download” button on the upper right side of the document, then click that document to open it. Click on the key icon located below the window to access the Answer Key. Download the document first, then click to open.

If a video link is frozen and the play button does not work, refresh your browser or try clicking on your back button, then click the play button again. If this fails, please click the “Comments” link located in the footer and fill out the form with your question. Be sure to click the Send button. We will respond to your question as soon as possible.
If a link that is not a video doesn’t work, try clicking on another window to determine if you can access a different resource. If you can access a different resource but not the one you want, please click on the “Comments” link in the footer and follow the instructions in the paragraph above this one.