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School districts face a flood of content options and different approaches for using new and still evolving digital resources for math.


We research the growing number of studies and reports on the rigor and usability of digital math instructional materials aligned to expected student outcomes.


We then correlate the research to a progression scale to inform our districts about content choices they can make based on their local needs.


We organize and facilitate the links to the district's purchased content and combine it with their open content choices to provide teachers and students efficient, time-saving access to those resources.



We update content choices according to ongoing research, district choices and their technology capabilities, so that math content is targeted to each district’s unique teacher and student needs.

How It Works

We facilitate each district's efficient access to its selected resource materials;

We provide high-quality Professional Development videos featuring Shannon McCaw, middle school math coach, textbook author, and publisher, tied to a library of ready-to-use engagement activities for every standard;

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We also include standards-based formative assessments, solutions, and reports that can be used to guide instruction.

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EdGems is a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge and complies with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). School districts and teachers consent to EdGems' collection and use of the student data described here in our Privacy Policy, by creating codes for their students to be able to create student accounts.  Click here for our Terms of Use.


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