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EdGems Math = Balance:

  • A Balanced Delivery with Print and Digital Materials

  • A Balanced Approach to Standards

  • Balanced Instruction: Collaborative Groups, Full Class, and Individual Activities

  • Balanced Assessments: Formative and Summative

  EdGems Math = Choice:

  • There are a wide variety of exploratory task-based problems, including rich “low-floor high-ceiling resources”;

  • Engaging teacher-led activities promote peer-to-peer conversation among mixed-ability partner sets;

  • Differentiated practice resources support on-level, struggling, and highly-gifted students;

  • Strategic assessments include automatically-scored end-of-lesson items; Performance Tasks; and a variety of question types.

EdGems Math = A Focus on Standards:

  • The program addresses the Major clusters deeply while making intentional connections to Supporting and Additional clusters;

  • Standards are correlated by lessons;

  • The placement of standards within each grade was determined by recommendations of Achieve the Core, teacher experience, and learning progression documents;

  • The Mathematical Practice standards are embedded throughout the curriculum.

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EdGems Math = A Program Written for Teachers by Teachers:

  • Lead writer Shannon McCaw has over 16 years of experience in math education as a high school teacher, curriculum developer, professional development creator, and instructional consultant to over 200 school districts nationwide.

  • The EdGems Math editorial team boasts more than eight decades of combined classroom experience — engaging students, supporting teachers, developing curricula, and delivering rich learning resources in a continuous feedback cycle.

  • EdGems Math includes a significant array of differentiated support materials to correspond with an integrated digital offering that has been piloted and tested over ten years.

A Fresh Approach to Middle School Math

EdGems Math advances middle school students’ conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and applications of standards-based mathematical concepts — gradually and with purpose — through standards-based target statements, balanced warm-ups, exploration, in-class activities, interactive quizzes, differentiated practice problem sets, and culminating tasks which ask students to:

  • Solve problems in mathematical and real-world contexts;

  • Construct arguments using precise language; and

  • Apply concepts and skills to new situations.

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Integrated Professional Development and Support

High-quality Professional Development videos featuring Shannon McCaw link to a library of ready-to-use engagement activities for every standard, called “Teacher Gems”. These resources provide print-ready collaborated partner and group work activities for teachers to employ with their lessons.


Assessment Choices to Guide Instruction

Formative and Summative online and paper-based assessments gauge student progress at both the proficiency and tiered levels. Summative assessments include hand-written solutions.

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Immediate Class Results for Online Practice

Teachers can quickly determine where students may need help with online practice results included with every lesson.

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EdGems Math Protects All Student Data


EdGems Math is a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge and complies with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). School districts and teachers consent to EdGems' collection and use of the student data described here in our Privacy Policy, by creating codes for their students to be able to create student accounts.  Click here for our Terms of Use.

EdGems Math = The Right Content at the Right Time


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